Different Types of YouTube Advertising?

The YouTube platform is powerful and there are many different places you can advertise your brand on YouTube. The different ways to create an ad format on YouTube within Google Ads or Dv360. They are as follows:

Based on your campaign objective you can select one of the following:

Trueview Ads: Ads can be showcased on GDN (Google Display Network) in addition to appearing on YouTube. There are two types of Trueview Ads:

Pre Roll Ads – The user cannot skip the ads. The ad can appear before the video starts or in the middle or the end of the video. The video ads can usually be 15 seconds long. For a pre-roll ad ensure that you have a call to action and make it easy for the viewer to learn more about your brand.
Bumper Ads: They are similar to pre-roll ads where the user cannot skip the ad. The ads usually land up being 6 seconds long and play directly before the video on YouTube. Bumper ads are great for brand awareness and are not best suited if you are trying to promote a product or sell something that is information-heavy. The advertiser has to make sure that their ads are concise and stick to the narrative.