What is RTB?


What is RTB? Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is the process of buying and selling ads in real-time on a per-impression basis. In the RTB process, a DSP, an ad exchange, and an SSP are involved. Through the RTB process, the advertiser can bid on specific inventory that they would like to purchase from a specific publisher.… Continue reading What is RTB?

What is header bidding?


What is header bidding? Header bidding is an advanced method of programmatic advertising where publishers have the opportunity to offer inventory multiple ad exchange before making a call to an ad server. By letting multiple DSPs bd on a the same inventory made available by a specific publishers this makes the publisher to make money.… Continue reading What is header bidding?

What is an Ad Server?


What is an Ad Server? In the advertising technology ecosystem, an ad server is responsible for showcasing what kind of ads are showcased to a specific audience. Additionally, collects relevant metrics (impressions, clicks, click thru rates etc.) Publishers, advertisers and ad agencies implement ad servers to deploy advertising campaigns. Demand Side platform and supply side… Continue reading What is an Ad Server?

What is a DSP?

What is a DSP? A demand-side platform (DSP) enables advertisers to buy advertising inventory across different domains, apps, and video platforms. DSPs are connected to an advertising exchange. An advertising exchange enables DSP to connect to a marketplace. Through the marketplace, users can buy specific ad inventory. The buying process used to be facilitated by… Continue reading What is a DSP?

What is an SSP?

What is an SSP? A Supply-side platform (SSP) is an advertising technology platform that enables digital media owners to sell their inventory to advertisers and marketers. SSPs and DSPs play a key role in the programmatic buying ecosystem. An SSP platform like a DSP is connected to an exchange. Through the exchange, the SSP has… Continue reading What is an SSP?

Different types of YouTube advertising? 


Different types of YouTube advertising? The YouTube platform is powerful and there are many different places you can advertise your brand on YouTube. The different ways to create an ad format on YouTube within Google Ads or Dv360. They are as follows:   Trueview – TrueView is a YouTube video ad format that gives a… Continue reading Different types of YouTube advertising? 

What is “Managed Placements” in Google Ads?


What is “Managed Placements” in Google Ads? Managed Placements in Google Ads allow you to choose targeted websites and apps that are relevant to your business. For example, if you were in the travel industry, you could use Managed Placements to place ads on platforms like TripAdvisor, Expedia, and Travelocity. These sites have visitors interested… Continue reading What is “Managed Placements” in Google Ads?

What is Google Ads?


What is Google Ads? Google ads is an advertising tool that enables advertisers and brands to launch different types of advertising campaigns. The three main different types of advertising formats are:   Display Advertising Search Ads Video Ads Using Google ads advertisements across different domains, YouTube channels, and YouTube videos can be deployed

What is Sentiment Analysis?


What is Sentiment Analysis? Sentiment analysis applies NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques to determine whether the data is positive, negative, or neutral. In other words, sentiment analysis is the process of understanding and detecting specific sentiments associated with a video, podcast, or text-based domain. At AdSkate, we score a body of text, video, or audio… Continue reading What is Sentiment Analysis?

What is Brand Safety?


What is Brand Safety? Brand safety can be defined as the practice to keep advertisers and brands safe from content that can potentially damage or harm the reputation of a brand. Brand safety solutions help maximize the impact and the cost efficiency of your campaign.