15% Ad Spend Shift Yields Campaign Success with AI Insights

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the overview

A prominent educational institution aimed to refine its digital marketing strategies, specifically focusing on retargeting and remarketing campaigns. The objective was to evaluate and improve upon the creative assets used across these campaigns to boost engagement and conversion rates.

the Process

Ad agency partnered with AdSkate to extract ‘Creative Data’ and combine it with Facebook and Instagram campaign metrics to understand the impact of Ads on campaign performance.


AdSkate was able to break down the creative analysis process into three steps:
1. AdSkate was able to identify specific design elements from ad creatives
2. Additionally, we were able to correlate creative elements with campaign performance
3. Finally, using AdSkate’s data the ad agency was able to boost performance with data-driven creative design

The Insights

AdSkate’s analysis yielded critical insights:

  • Key creative attributes that resonated with the target audience were identified, facilitating a more targeted creative strategy.
  • The institution learned which aspects of their creatives were underperforming, allowing for strategic improvements.
  • Following AdSkate’s recommendations, the educational institution could confidently shift 15% of their advertising spend to their most impactful ads.

By harnessing the power of AdSkate’s AI-driven analytics, the institution was positioned to:

  • – Reallocate resources towards creatives with the highest performance, enhancing ROI.
  • – Continuously refine their creative approach based on solid data-driven insights.
  • – Foster an agile marketing strategy that responds to the dynamics of audience engagement