Campaign Improvement with AdSkate

want to improve your google ads campaign?

Improve your display advertising using AdSkate

use adskate to identify the right placements for your google ads campaign

A majority of display and video ads campaigns that are run on Google ads fail. Finding the right placements will drastically improve your campaign performance. AdSkate can help you revolutionize your campaign.

Google Ads AdSkate Integration

focused placements lead to relevant conversions. you don't need to believe us check out what our clients have to say!

AdSkate Managed Placement

Using Adskate’s Platform You Can Create A Necessary Placement List Based On Your Audience's Interest.

We provide you with relevant traffic information for your selected domains, youtube videos, or youtube channels. With our in-depth data analysis, you can study data sets across 800 different categories and get keyword-level sentiment analysis.

using machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide you with relevant brand-safe and bot free placements

We conduct sentiment analysis, brand safety, and category analysis for the inclusion list you can create on the AdSkate platform. We have 800 categories through which the inclusion list is studied for (change)

ML and AI placement AdSkate

key features

Inclusion List - AdSkate
Create Bot and Fraud Free inclusion list
Google Ads AdSkate integration
easy integration with google ads
800 plus categories
Discover across 800+ categories
YouTube analysis AdSkate ML and AI
Machine learning and AI to study YT videos
AdSkate Sentiment analysis
Get sentiment analysis for domains and videos
Customizable brand safety features
Customizable brand safety features
AdSkate AI driven platform
save your energy and effort. let adskate’s ai driven platform help you!
AdSkate easy integration with AdSkate
easy integration with google ads!

how does adskate work?

Necessary keyword list

After you get access to the AdSkate platform select a necessary list of keywords associated with your campaign

Search specific YouTube videos

AdSkate’s platform produced a list of YouTube channels, videos, or a list of domains relevant to your search

Placement Accuracy with AdSkate

Plug the placement list in the “Placement” section of your Google Ads campaign

Track campaign performance

Launch your campaign on Google Ads and track your campaign performance!

we would love to help you improve your google ads campaign today!