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adventure ppc partnered with adskate to help identify relevant youtube channels for optimum targeting resulting in an increase in revenue of 44.1%
AdventurePPC implements AdSkate to achieve success
Client improves ROAS by 152% using AdSkate data for YouTube campaign
adskate helps a client optimize a youtube campaign leading to 152% increase in roas since 2019
adskate aids client in a brand awareness campaign yielding to improvement in overall campaign view rate and cost per view (cpv)
AdSkate improves brand awareness of client
AdSkate helps client achieve access for app campaign
client uses adskate’s data for app campaign leading to a 45% increase in customer app download
adskate assists client with an auto accessory campaign leading to better view rate and performance
AdSkate data assist client to have better view rate
AdSkate aids client in reducing campaign spend for YouTube campaign
adskate’s data helps an advertising agency reduce their campaign spend by 36 percent and improve their youtube placement relevancy by 90 percent