The prevalence of digital media and the growing need for contextual advertising.

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Cookieless solutions to digital advertising
Contextual targeting with AdSkate

rethink contextual targeting

In a privacy-first world, AdSkate enables marketers and brands to study relevant contextual targeting data.

AdSkate platform is driven by AI and machine learning to provide relevant brands safety, sentiment analysis, and categorization data.

deep dive into the different product features

Advertisers discussing Brand Safety with AdSkate
brand safety

Getting associated with the wrong content can severely affect your brand. In today’s world we are one share or one...

contextual analysis with AdSkate
contextual targeting

AdSkate converts content into user interests, topics and brand mentions for advertisers to pick and choose the most...

Sentiment analysis dashboard with AdSkate
sentiment analysis

understand emotions and opinions across all media and pick the ones that will improve your ad spend.

easy integration with adskate!

AdSkate's easy-to-use platform integrates to you existing ecosystem.

key features

Cookieless Segments provide challenges to present new challenges to behavioral targeting
Cookieless data segments
AdSkate Categorization allows user to target a demographic
Data analysis conducted over 800 plus categories
Graph example of Real Time analysis with AdSkate programmatic buying
Real-time data provided for URLs, domains, and videos
AdSkate's programmatic buying platform allows users to customize their campaign
Customizable brand safety features
AdSkate is RTB and API ready
Easy integration with the DSP of your choice
AdSkate is RTB and API ready
RTB and API ready

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