Contextual Targeting Helps Improves Digital Marketing Campaigns

Contextual Targeting Helps Improves Digital Marketing Campaigns

With changing privacy laws, the need for a cookieless contextual targeting solution has become imperative.

Google ads enable brands and advertisers of all different sizes to promote their services through YouTube, Search and Display ads. Being the largest advertising platform advertisers can set specific goals and budgets for different types of campaigns (for example: retargeting, remarketing, awareness, etc) and easily deploy them. Also, through Google ads, a user can bid on keywords and operate on an auction-based system which happens in real-time. This enables advertisers to hyper-target keywords and specific search terms.​

Concurrently, through Google ads, advertisers have access to Google Display Network. Google Display Network offers Google ad users access to a robust list of domains and YouTube channels to advertise on. This is provided to the user at no additional cost making Google ads a cost-effective method for advertisers.


We enable advertisers and brands to better target their audience set by providing them with a concise targeting solution set. We do this by studying different targeting attributes and running them through our machine-learning solution to extract the necessary set of videos or domains depending on the campaign criteria. To put our solution to the test AdventurePPC has been implementing our solution for a wide variety of campaigns. They have seen success with the data sets that we have provided them for their ads campaigns

Marketers pointing at a laptop using contextual targeting to help improve their digital marketing campaign

People are consuming more video-based content than ever. YouTube is the largest video content platform and the second largest search engine and a great place for advertisers and brands to showcase their products to relevant audience sets.  Brands and advertisers can serve relevant YouTube ads using the Google ads platform. Roku and Hulu are some of the other prominent platforms that have enabled advertisers to serve ads. Through these platforms, the advertiser has the ability to serve skippable in-stream ads, non-skippable instream ads, and video discovery ads.

AdSkate solution can be easily implemented for video-based ad campaigns. For a variety of video-based ad campaigns that our clients have run using AdSkate’s data, we have noticed an average of 22.42% view rate with an average of $0.115 CPV beating the industry average. One of the major factors contributing to the success of these campaigns is AdSkate’s ability to constantly study and analyze videos for relevant content.

AdSkate’s solution enables advertisers to execute campaigns in an effective and seamless manner. Our machine-learning solution studies a variety of domains and video content in real time. We believe that the placement intelligence tool that we have built is going to be the way to move forward.