adventure pPC partnered with AdSkate to help identify relevant youtube channels for optimum targeting resulting in an increase in revenue of 44.1%

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the overview

Adventure PPC is a full-service ad agency based out of New York City. They have a client this an electronics company that sells consumer privacy hardware. Adventure PPC partnered with AdSkate to help them identify relevant YouTube Channels for optimum targeting.

the challenge

Adventure PPC noticed that the privacy hardware company ran multiple
advertising campaigns and they were generating very low sales per month. To improve brand awareness and reach the ad agency decided to run a YouTube campaign. Given the nature of the product, the ad agency did not want to implement traditional YouTube targeting measures as it posed too much risk. They wanted a hyper-targeted method to ensure placements were showcased to the right audience while keeping clients’ wants and needs.

the process

Adventure PPC teamed with AdSkate to leverage the data we provide advertisers. Using the AdSkate engine we were to help identify 300 channels for optimum targeting.

the insights

The YouTube campaign ran for 45 days and the success was measured against the historic benchmark of traffic and revenue. After running the necessary regression analysis we noticed that the YouTube campaign generated an incremental revenue increase of 44.1% compared to the benchmark that was set.

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