adSkate assists client with an auto accessory campaign leading to better view rate and performance

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the overview

An ad agency conducted work for an auto accessories company and they wanted to implement AdSkate’s data for a YouTube brand awareness campaign.

the challenge

The ad agency wanted to leverage AdSkate’s data for a campaign YouTube to help increase traffic to the law auto accessories companies website. They were also looking to increase brand awareness about the products that the auto accessory firm was selling and try to improve their customer prospecting opportunities.

the process

Based on the campaign targeting parameters provided by the advertising agency, AdSkate was able to leverage its technology to provide a necessary list of YouTube placements for optimal targeting. The data provided by AdSkate was then easily implemented by the ad agency into Google Ads.

the insights

By implementing AdSkate’s data for the YouTube campaign the ad agency was able to achieve a view rate of 27 percent and a CPV of $0.07. AdSkate’s data set helped the ad agency beat the industry standards