On implementing AdSkate creative analysis technology an advertising agency was able to increase the view rate by 50% and the engagement rate by 40%
the overview

An advertising agency wanted to provide their client, a cooking appliance company, with data-driven performance insights on different creatives used for Instagram and Facebook campaigns

the challenge

The ad agency wanted to leverage AdSkate’s data for a YouTube campaign for their client. They wanted to increase the number of conversions for their client.

the process

Ad agency partnered with AdSkate to extract 'Creative Data' and combine it with Facebook and Instagram campaign metrics to understand the impact of Ads on campaign performance.

AdSkate was able to break down the creative analysis process into three steps: 1. AdSkate was able to identify specific design elements from ad creatives
2. Additionally, we were able to correlate creative elements with campaign performance
3. Finally, using AdSkate’s data the ad agency was able to boost performance with data-driven creative design

advertising agency
advertising agency 02
the insights

By implementing AdSkate’s solution the ad agency was able to identify specific elements that had a positive and a negative impact on the creatives. AdSkate’s AI and ML-determined elements such as the grill being outdoors drove conversions by 40%. Additionally, a 50% increase in view rate was observed when steak was displayed in the creative.

Also, negative creative elements across different ad creatives were studied and it was noted that there was a 28% decrease in CTR when the grill was displayed as being stored away. Concurrently, a 14% decrease in view rate when sausages were displayed as being grilled.

By implementing AdSkate's AI-based creative analysis solutions ad agency was able to:
- Understand the impact of colors, objects, and text in a creative and how they affected CTR, action rate, conversions, and other metrics
-Take steps to modify the creative design and use design elements that increased the chances of ad conversion